Token Distribution is over. Lendera is now moving to phase 2 of our program. Thank you all for your contribution. Stay tuned for updates.

Token Distribution

Our minimum supply of tokens along with the leasing program, create the perfect formula to achieve the maximum possible exchange value for our tokens, resulting high rewards on contribution.

Total Tokens to Distribute


Lendera Tokens

  • Transparency
  • Decentralized
  • Fast Transactions
  • Value Support

Distribution Rounds

Sustainable method & high performance server

Marketers Round 160,000 LEC Including Bonus

Mini Round 100,000 LEC

Round 1 800,000 LEC

Round 2 1,000,000 LEC

Round 3 1,200,000 LEC

Round 4 1,400,000 LEC

Round 5 1,600,000 LEC

Leasing Program

Leasing Contribution Leasing Fees (Daily) Leasing Period
100 to 1,000 USDT 1% 260 Days
1,001 to 5,000 USDT 1.1% 220 Days
5,001 - 10,000 USDT 1.2% 180 Days
10,001 USDT and higher 1.3% 135 Days
(Postpaid) 20,000 USDT and higher 3.3% 180 Days
Leasing contracts are subject to termination by either party, with 90 days prior notification.

Genesis Hosted Staking

Amount of Staking Monthly Rewards Maturity Period Lock in Period
100,000 LEC and higher 5% 30 days 365 Days
10,000 up to 99,999 LEC 4% 30 Days N/A
1,000 up to 9,999 LEC 3.5% 35 Days N/A
100 up to 999 LEC 3% 40 Days N/A
1 up to 99 LEC 2.5% 45 Days N/A
The First term’s contract can be terminated only by the contributor, with a 90 day’s notice.

Minimum Leasing Appreciation Chart (USD)

How it works

We could have just said that it's volatility bot that generates the profits, but we all know that a bot is not sufficient enough to generate such vast amounts of returns. Another thing to consider, a trading bot does not win all the trades. Which is why we are introducing our methods of making profits as followed below:


The Digital Assets market is unique, and the decentralized distribution of contributors has created a demand for multiple online digital assets exchanges. In our experience, most exchanges are trading about 50% similar digital currencies. Due to the decentralized nature of these exchanges, rates for digital assets pairs vary among the exchanges. We can take advantage of these variances by buying through one exchange and selling through another, resulting in significant rewards on each trade.

Positive Manipulation

We are the whale of our coin, and it’s in our best interest to maintain its long-term growth. Because of this, we will reserve 50% of the contributions collected during the Token Distribution to support our coin when it goes down, and slowly exchange it back.

Price Appreciation

The key of generating rewards for our Ecosystem is the exchange rate appreciation. The more digital assets that go into Leasing, the higher the value of the coin. Thus, we aim to attract contributors to take advantage of our continuous and enticing Leasing offers.

Referral Program:

Token Distribution & Leasing Referral Bonus:

Referral Level Referral Bonus
Referral Level 1 5% Bonus
Referral Level 2 3% Bonus
Referral Level 3 2% Bonus
Referral Level 4 0.5% Bonus

Postpaid Leasing Referral Bonus:

Referral Level Referral Bonus
Referral Level 1 4% Bonus
Referral Level 2 2% Bonus
Referral Level 3 1% Bonus
Referral Level 4 0.5% Bonus

Compounded Leasing Referral Bonus:

Referral Level Referral Bonus
Referral Level 1 2% Bonus
Referral Level 2 0.5% Bonus

Mile Stone

Road Map


Token Distribution Ends


Launching Leasing Program
Lease your LEC and earn daily rewards


Local Exchange Launch
Peer to Peer Exchange


Blockchain Launch

  • Testnet
  • Block explorer
  • Windows Desktop Wallet


Initiate Leasing Appreciation Program
Set the minimum price for our coin upon leasing


Website Upgrade
Implementing users feedback, enhancement, Bug Fixing


Mobile Wallet

  • iOS Wallet
  • Android Wallet


Lendera Cash Airdrop
Lendera Cash Airdrop, 100 Lendera Cash for each LEC leased for more than 45 days


Launching Mass media campaign


Hosting Lendera Global Event
See you in Pataya, Thailand

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